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Knowledge + Experience + Excellence

JWD is the best resource for Creators, Scenic Fabricators, Theatrical Designers and Production Electricians seeking top quality lighting and scenic electrics design.

Why JWD?

You're here to learn more about JWD, I love that. I'd like to take a quick moment to share with you what I think are the most important reasons you should consider JWD for any project. JWD is based on core values that revolve around quality, innovation and responsibility.

Below are the core values I set for JWD, you can expect these in every job we do.  - Jay Woods

Core Values


We value the quality of our work above all, and our reputation for taking care of every client, every time is paramount for us. Each facet of the work gets the absolute best care available. We strive for ongoing improvement and when we see an opportunity to advance the work we do for our clients we take action.


Technology advances at a rapid pace and we exist on the forefront of what's possible. JWD works closely with key manufacturers and colleagues to improve and develop technologies. Not only do we use the products, we give feedback and work together with great companies to create new opportunities and solutions. 


When you hire JWD, you hire Jay Woods. Every client has direct access to me personally. I am involved in every step of the project and if anything isn't perfect, I will make it right. I take complete ownership in the work JWD produces and that means it will always meet the high standards I set for quality. 


If you're looking for exceptional lighting design or you need expert assistance merging lighting into a scenic environment, you have found a great resource, explore what we can do together below.

lighting design

Professional quality creativity with light

scenic electrics

Expert technical solutions delivered to your team

Experience Matters

JWD has over 25 years of experience in lighting design and scenic electrics engineering. Our lighting design has been features on international television and our engineering work has supported dozens of Broadway productions.

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