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Core Values

Over the course of a 20 year + career as a business owner, leader and team member, I have realized that no matter what "hat" you might be wearing at any one moment there is always an underlying set of guidelines which you must follow. These core values are what I like to think of as navigational beacons. Honesty Say what you mean, mean what you say. Make promises and keep them. Deal fairly with everyone and insist that they deal fairly with you. These are the building blocks to trust in any relationship, be it with a client or an employee, and holding fast to honesty will always keep you on the right path.

Integrity Have the highest standards you can keep. Constantly strive to make positive changes that benefit everyone. As a leader, my job is to be someone that others can count on to navigate any situation with respect. Life will throw you curveballs and it might seem easier to compromise your standards for a bigger paycheck, or a jump in position, or some other perceived advantage. These are the moments that test your resolve. Always do the right thing, especially when it is hard. Every. Single. Time.

Dependability Be someone that others can count on. Show up on time and ready. Even better - be early and bring donuts. Sometimes I think that just being the person who shows up and always gets the job done has been the best advertisement I could ever ask for.

Innovation This one is a little designer specific, maybe. Part of my own personal madness is that I always examine, tweak, and then reexamine a problem. Sometimes that means developing a new method or a new technique. I don't believe in "that's the way it is", there is nearly always an option left unexplored to help you reach a goal. I have heard it called "out of the box". I LOVE boxes. Without them I would just run wild and never get anything done. But a box is just a cube, and sometimes you have to move it or stretch it or bend it to get to what you want.

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