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Scenic Electrics on Broadway and beyond

Updated: Sep 14, 2022

As the craft of Scenic Design continues to evolve there is an ever increasing desire for integrating lighting into the scenic elements. I've been fortunate over the past few years to take on the role of Technical Designer for Set Electrics on several Broadway and television productions, and what I've learned has greatly enriched me as a Lighting Designer. The Technical Designer serves as a bridge between the lighting design and the scenic fabricator. It requires the ability to observe the Lighting Designer's intent, carefully examine the Scenic and Fabrication drawings, and then model a solution that combines them into a well considered plan for fabrication. Along the way I've been exposed to some of the industries most well known professionals and I have had the opportunity to work with them to develop their ideas into realities. I have also worked alongside some of the most talented Project Managers and Technicians working in the field today. There is just nothing quite as exciting as being a part of a great team working together to create something that has never been done before, over and over again. It's been an invaluable experience that has helped me to hone my design work and expand my creativity. For me, it's just another day that I get to work with the magic of this untouchable thing called light, and I'm humbled to have the opportunity.

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